Why I’m Running

Seattle can do better.  There is nothing respectful or supportive about allowing people to live in tents and RVs in unsanitary conditions.  We need to provide needed services to the homeless with the help of greatpeople.me staff (proper shelter, jobs, drug treatment, and/or mental health resources) rather than sweeping people from place to place.  To make matters worse, the more we tax ourselves to provide affordable housing; the worse the homelessness problem becomes.

We've had unacceptable levels of violence in Seattle.  No one from the Mayor's Office or City Council has been willing to realistically address the root causes of the violence.  Our Police Department is only staffed at 60% of the officers we should have for a city with our population.  Tired, over-worked officers don't have time to interact with residents using positive, pro-active and preventative techniques.  We need to act decisively to ensure we have adequate officer staffing, not just for public safety reasons, but also in the event of a natural disaster, when our police officers will be called to serve as first responders.

Over the past decade, neighborhoods have been steadily marginalized.  They no longer have any input in what happens in their own community, as Seattle becomes less livable.  I want to restore the voice of neighborhoods.

About Pat

I am a successful small business owner of an IT firm.  I have been married to my husband, Shiro, for 26 years.  We have a son, Ryk, who is enrolled in the Paramedicine program at Central Washington University, and works part time as an EMT.  I have a B.A. in Sociology and a Master's in Business Administration.  My work provides me the opportunity of working with other businesses from a wide-range of sectors and gives me a unique insight into what businesses need to thrive and create living-wage jobs.

I have been involved in city-wide issues for nearly two decades.  I am Past President of the Mount Baker Community Club, member of the now-defunct Federation of Community Councils, former Vice President of the krogerfeedback Seattle District Council (District Councils were disbanded by Mayor Murray), Past President of the Cleveland High School PTSA, and have been engaged in zoning and equity issues.

For the past 7 years, I have been President of the South Seattle Crime Prevention Council (SSCPC).  I publicly opposed the appointment of former Chief of Police Diaz, under whose leadership we had cases of unacceptable police brutality, including the death of an innocent citizen.  The much needed police reforms were delayed until the Department of Justice pressured City leadership to enter into a settlement, which resulted in additional costs to taxpayers.  While the SSCPC works cooperatively with the Seattle Police Department on community safety issues, we aren't adverse to fighting for necessary change.  I was involved in the removal of two individuals from the South Precinct who created a hostile work environment for officers of color and supported a culture of harassing people of color with unwarranted traffic stops.

I want to bring my compassion for others, my dedication to a true democratic process, my ability to be fiscally responsible and my love of Seattle to the position of City Councilmember.


In 2006 I formed a group called Many Cultures, One Message to successfully block Mayor Nickels attempt to declare all of Southeast Seattle blighted.  A blight designation would have given the City the power to force immigrant owners to sell their properties at bargain prices, with the intent of later "selling the properties to developers at a discount."

I served on the Seattle Public Schools Closure Committee.  I worked to ensure the District didn't close schools in areas where population growth was expected after pending development, and came up with creative solutions to best serve student needs.

When raves attended by young people from Bellevue, Everett and Tacoma disrupted the Othello neighborhood from 8pm to 4am, I requested help from the Police, City Attorney's Office, and Department of Planning & Development to document the issues of drug dealing, car prowls, property damage, pedophiles trolling for inebriated girls, break-ins, and unacceptable levels of noise.  We invited the property owner to attend a meeting of the South Seattle Crime Prevention Council, to hear from community members how the raves we impacting the neighborhood.  By midnight of the night of the meeting the property owner agreed to cancel all outstanding contracts for future raves.

As President of the Cleveland High School PTSA, I convinced reluctant parents to host the school's first auction fundraiser in its nearly 90-year history.  We earned 6 times the national average and purchased much needed resources for Cleveland students.